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ADA Parking

Accessible parking can be a challenge that drives more design decisions than most owners realize.  The parking must be distributed around the primary entries to the building with the shortest direct path of travel to the building entry.  Parking cannot be arranged to direct the accessible access to an entrance that is not a main access point for the able bodied.  The idea of equal and non-discriminatory access is central to the ADA.  Here you see accessible parking distributed between the main business entry and the main employee entry.

The slope of the ground, and the elevation difference between the entry door landing and the parking surface also becomes critical.  The slope of the parking space itself and the unloading aisle cannot be more than a 2% slope which is close to 1/4" per foot in any direction.  If you have a sloping parking lot, this can sometimes present a formidable challenge.  However, there is always a solution. 

It’s just a reality of business today that owners need to protect themselves.  Unfortunately, fear of litigation has become one of the motivating forces for many businesses as thousands of lawsuits a year are filed in California claiming access discrimination. 

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