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Our strength is in our ability to work with people.  We are passionate about translating your needs and goals into an exceptional design and a dynamic built environment that provides function, durability and delight. 

The design process is best served by listening to you, understanding your priorities, and working with you in a collaborative effort.  We are your professional eyes and ears, advocating on your behalf through the project’s life cycle.



Creative Response

We view design as a series of creative responses to your unique project needs, budget, site constraints, and spatial requirements. The result achieves practical, interesting and cost effective solutions in original spaces that truly fit your life/work style.

Successful spaces will enrich and enhance the quality of life of the people who use them.  Beyond merely providing a new building or site, we push the envelope in order to offer you several different design options to create an exciting and practical environment.



Focused Team   

The small size and flat organization of our firm helps us to function like a “well oiled machine.”  The process of design, permitting and construction administration requires quick and nimble responses, which we make possible by involving all members of our team, including the Principal Architect who remains involved from inception to final occupancy.

One project architect manages each project, is directly involved with every detail, and is in direct communication with you, the client.  Each architect has unique skills and lends their particular expertise and support on all projects. The client has the benefit of the experience of all.





In order to effectively communicate your needs, we must be able to clearly and concisely organize a vast amount of information into the plan set.  It is our primary goal to thoroughly explain the design and resolve all foreseeable issues before the construction stage begins. 

We stand out in providing thorough, detailed, and well-organized plans as affirmed by our contractors, consultants and city officials.




Orchestration of Entitlements

Each city’s internal structure and building department functions differently.  It can be very time-consuming and even exhausting to participate at any level of the plan review process.  We provide a carefully choreographed approach and flexible adaptation to the city’s every movement throughout the review.  We encourage preliminary reviews and/or meetings with planning and building departments whenever possible. 

We have worked in over 40 cities in the Bay Area and Central Valley and are well equipped to provide the information that your jurisdiction requires.  Working with a firm who is experienced in collaborating with the permitting agencies provides the best, most cost effective and expedient outcome.



Experience and Knowledge

For over 25 years, working with many different project types, we have been committed to increasing our knowledge about design and new industry standards, keeping up with the best that technology has to offer, and to the professional development of our staff.  Each of the Architects in the firm is required to spend a minimum of 18 hours per year in professional continuing education classes. 

Lessons from our past continue to inform and educate our design decisions on future projects so that we can always give our clients the best we have to offer.