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The Village
Storefront Facade Remodel

This is a preliminary design study in a master plan format for The Village commissioned by the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose.  The Village is a small but distinct neighborhood shopping area on Alum Rock Avenue.

In order to reinforce “The Village” concept as an agglomeration of small businesses the design achieves a sense of neighborliness and pedestrian friendly intimacy while also addressing automobile traffic and parking in the neighborhood.   Tower elements at the intersection of Alum Rock Avenue and White Road serve as a gateway announcing a new experience on the street and define the Western boundary of the two block shopping area.  The overall design enhances the original idea of a village through elements such as projected pilasters and recesses, trims, sidewalk awnings and individual storefront color schemes.  Other features include parapets, awnings, interesting signage, surface articulation and coordinated color schemes to give each individual business its own unique identity that is easily recognizable by pedestrians as well as passing automobiles.

The Neighborhood Business District Façade Improvement Program offers special grants from the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose to qualifying businesses in the Agency’s various redevelopment districts.  The intention is to restore architectural and economic vitality to aging commercial districts and streets.  The Village is a prime example of the ripple effect intended by the Façade Improvements Program.  Buildings are designed individually, but are part of a larger urban design concept.   As façade projects are completed, the neighborhood is revitalized one building at a time until ultimately the entire district benefits from increased property values, pride of ownership, and the renewed economic interest they generate.

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