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Union Plaza
Shopping Center Facade Remodel

Union Plaza is a small neighborhood strip center on a busy corner in San Jose.  The façade remodel of this project required the signage to remain, because the current sign ordinance did not allow signs above a roofline.  However, we could raise the parapet height in the background to screen the rooftop equipment, to provide a better background for the signage and give the building a more substantial presence on the corner. 

The walkways had deep overhangs, which cast them in deep shadow, and the solid walls had a red rock veneer, making the walkways even darker.  To add light and make the center more attractive both from the street and for users, we removed the rock and opened light wells in the roof over existing planting areas.  At those locations we raised the parapet to create the image of a tower, which provided a counterpoint to the building’s horizontal lines, and made the center more visible from the street.   A multi-color paint scheme adds to the drama of the overall composition. 

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