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Rafiki's Coffee
Storefront Facade Remodel

This building along with its sister building, the Karate Studio, on the opposite corner, were designed as “matching” gateway buildings to The Village, a neighborhood shopping and retail district of Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose.  The two buildings create a unique entryway to a small but very distinct neighborhood.  The original curved corner parapets were removed to make way for matching angled corner towers on both buildings.  The towers with their recessed arches and windows make a bold contemporary entrance to the district; yet allude to traditional thick-walled California Spanish and Mexican architecture typical of the area.  New tile bases, externally lighted signage, new windows, awnings and a bold color scheme make the building fronts look refreshed and inviting and compliment neighboring stores.  A plywood screen wall at the alley space behind the building was removed.  In its place is a new stucco arch with a custom wrought iron gate designed by EBA to separate the street from a new outdoor patio for the coffee shop.

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