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KFC Jensen
Restaurant Remodel

One of the first KFC restaurants in Santa Clara County occupied this prominent corner site in San Jose.   While the building was not considered historically significant, the last KFC rotating bucket sign in the county was, at least after a few very persuasive arguments by the architects.  After we merged an adjacent lot to provide the additional parking needed, this new 3,053 square foot restaurant was built in place of the old one.  This new, one of a kind building, takes its design cues from the original.  The high pyramid roof and cupola is an abstraction of the original roof and cupola.  High glass windows flood the dining room with light that welcomingly invites patrons outside to a warm and comfortable dining experience inside.  The “floating” metal awnings add sun protection without diminishing the view or the openness to the outside.  The “new vintage” look is reinforced with the channel letter roof edge sign.  Since it’s opening, the new restaurant has experienced a growth in patronage vastly exceeding the previous building.

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