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Diocese Plan Corporate Interior
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Diocese of San Jose
Corporate Interior Remodel

In 2000, the Catholic Diocese of San Jose approached EBA to help them consolidate their corporate offices on two plus floors of a multistory building in Santa Clara.  Over the years, they had grown and taken over new spaces, which were scattered throughout the building as they became available.  That history had manifested itself in poor communications between departments and a sense of disjointedness between them.  Bringing the diverse departments together was needed.  EBA instituted a series of interviews with all department representatives to create a space assessment study before beginning space designs. 

The timing of the phases of construction had to accommodate the need for keeping operations flowing while space was being prepared.  This presented a large and unique challenge.  It was going to require a complex process of moving departments around while areas were gutted and re-built, and then departments moved back into their new and final locations.  To help solve the puzzle of these timing issues, EBA prepared a construction timeline in consultation with the contractor and the Monsignor in charge of the project for the Diocese.  The phasing plans presented several color-coded construction phases.  These showed where the locations of the departments would be during the construction process, and coincided with specific milestone points along the timeline.  The temporary office locations and timing was finalized, and a phased demolition process was begun.  EBA prepared three color and material boards that the Monsignor presented to the staff, allowing them to vote for their favorite carpet and color schemes.

Ultimately the entire third and fourth floors of this building and a small portion of the fifth floor were gutted and rebuilt into new custom designed offices.  The departments moved into their final remodeled locations, delighted with the  result and feeling  as  if they  had  contributed specific input to the process.

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