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Before China Garden
BMW China Garden

Storefront Facade Remodel

The design challenge of this façade re-image was to transform two very diverse businesses with old and ordinary storefronts by infusing a modern style enhanced by the stores’ unique personalities, and to do it on a shoestring budget.  Inspired by these challenges, the result for San Jose BMW is a playful, racy, and imaginative storefront with motorcycle-inspired entry awning and parapet shape.  A touch of blue in the trim detail ties into the color scheme of the famous logo. 

A substantial parapet addition and strong entry feature were introduced to the new China Garden to solidify this once flimsy storefront, and strengthen its street presence. Completed in 1995, China Garden was featured in the "Focus on San Jose" summer 1997 publication.  China Garden’s curving elements and white background harmonize with the design of BMW and unifies the two-store composition, while maintaining it’s own unique style.  The new facade stands out among its neighbors as fresh and exciting, beckoning new patrons to come inside.


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